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Not getting much return on your money in the bank? Make your money work harder!

At LPG, alongside using our own capital, we use private finance to grow our business and we typically pay rates between 6-10% p.a. We offer:

  • High interest loan opportunities

  • Fixed period loan terms

  • Reinvestment at end of loan term

Click here to discover how a recent investor netted an ROI of 10%  

If owning your own investment property is more up your street than simple secured investments, we also offer a Property Finding Service making investing in property simple and accessible for everyone.

We offer hands-off property investment opportunities which includes:​​

  • High return property investment opportunities 


  • Below Market Value property 


  • Introduction to important team members including solicitors, build teams and letting agents

  • Project Management for property refurbishments

Click here to see our most recent deals

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